Sunderland musician teams up with Grammy winner for Christmas single

me and Janis outside Kulaks Woodshed for the HOLLOW launch party :)

Trevor and Janis outside Kulaks Woodshed for the HOLLOW launch party :)

Trevor Sewell from Millfield has released a Christmas single with folk artist Janis Ian, who hit the coveted Billboard number 1 slot with her album Between the Lines in 1975. She went on to win a Grammy Award for single At Seventeen in 1975 and later in 2013 for Best Spoken Word Album, for her autobiography, Society’s Child. Trevor says he’s long been a fan of Janis’s which made recording holiday song, Shadows, with her all the more special. The pair teamed up at Nashville’s renowned studio, The Sound Emporium, where they recorded the track in one take. Trevor, who is well-known on the blues circuit, said: “I wrote Shadows some time ago and, although I had recorded it a couple of times myself over the years, I never released it, as I hadn’t really found an arrangement that truly suited me. “As soon as Janis began playing the intro, I just knew it would work. Her piano arrangement really brought the song to life.” He added: “I’ve never released a holiday single before. I’ve been a Janis Ian fan since the ‘70s, so it is very cool to record with her. This particular song is, and has always been, far more about the lyrics, and Janis’s beautiful arrangement really brings this to the fore.

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