What A Month! Just Amazing and Decembers looking great too!

Well this month has so far seen another Award won in America, nearly 40 new stations joining the many already playing This Moments Gone, A feature on the In Show in Los Angeles, Inclusion in a huge Blues Collection for the tracks from Independence, another sync placing for Where The Wild Ones Go and December is looking just as hectic with major features in the two premier UK Blues Mags, Two showcases of the entire Independence Album in America (so far) , a new interview for National Blues Review in the UK, some great gigs to look forward to and a host of collaborations in the pipeline for 2015. I’m sure I must have missed somethings out but this has just been a truly outstanding period - thank you all concerned :)
The In Show Los Angeles







WOW – featured alongside Robert Johnson, Taste, B.B King and more

Exciting news it looks like I’m going to be featured on a set of compilation albums alongside a load of my heroes including TASTE, BB KING, SONHOUSE, Beautiful People feat. JIMI HENDRIX, ROBERT JOHNSON, LEADBELLY, CHAMPION JACK DUPREE, HOWLIN” WOLF, SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON, LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS – The entire INDEPENDENCE album has been picked up for inclusion in a huge Blues Collection. I’ve known about it for a while but have just seen the track list – more details as they emerge


Blues In Britain Major Feature Coming In December.

Just completed a great interview with Blues In Britain to  be published in December – Great stuff - It’s a great mag and I’m very pleased to be featured.

Look out for it in December or better still go get a subscription :)

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The Train Runs Away WithThe Indie Music Channel Songwriter Award

November has been an amazing month what with The Hollywood Music In Media Awards, The American Songwriters Awards in Las Vegas and now the Indie Music Channel Songwriter Awards. Great to see The Train from the INDEPENDENCE album win The Best Blues Songwriter Category imcSongwriter- got to love Hollywood.

Living North Magazine 3 page colour spread – Splendid!

Mover And Shaker – I like that :) really nice piece and a very cool Mag to be featured in.


Thank You American Songwriters

Thank you Natalie Jean for representing me in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas in November – looking forward to collaborating with you very soon.

This Moment’s Gone – The New Single From Independence


WOW number 9 in the Unsung Heroes Chart in Holland – brilliant!!

Really pleased that I made it into the chart on Purple Haze particularly as I haven’t toured there yet – I know Independence has  already  had heavy airplay in Europe and it seems to be really growing in Holland now. Looking forward to touring there in 2015.


5 songs placed in Nashville with American Artist

Great news I’ve just heard the new recordings of 5 of my songs by very cool American Artist Brooke Nickerson. The songs are Shadows, Why, Too Little Too late, Take These Chains and Shaky Ground – Shaky Ground will be a U.S single on Gotham Records in early 2015.  You may recognise Take These Chains from my INDEPENDENCE album but I wrote the other 4 tracks  for Brooke when she came across to the UK to record with me last year. She has a lovely voice and is great to work with - She also got up to jam with me last time I played in Santa Monica which was really cool. Exciting times :)

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Face To Face – Live At Capitol Records Hollywood – imminent



 Face To Face – the new album is almost with us :)

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.25.46











and this album is very different to my usual electric offerings as I just wanted to seewhat the songs were like when they were completely stripped back to just one guitar and one voice. It was completely unplanned and there was no set list.

I was in Capitol Records in Hollywood to record tracks for my new electric album to be
released early next year and the engineer set up my acoustic and a microphone and as I liked
the sound through the headphones I just said ‘ Can I make an acoustic album while I’m in position?’
Joe the engineer just smiled and said ‘why not?’, so thats what happened and less than 3 hours
later the Face To Face album was in the can – we could have easily gone back and added lots of
other instruments but that would have defeated the purpose so the only rules were no overdubs just one guitar.

Like I say there was no set list so I just played songs that happened to pop into my head at the time and Joe let me know when we had ten tracks. To sum up, although this was recorded in a studio it is in every way a Live album so if anyone comes to my solo shows this is a good representation of what it sounds like. Capitol is a great place to record in and I managed to get started on my new electric album later that afternoon but with the bonus of an unexpected extra album already recorded, so all in all I think it was possibly one of the most productive days I’ve had in any studio.
If Carlsberg made studios … thank you Capitol.