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Review of Calling Nashville

huffPOstWithin this community Trevor came in contact with iconic musician Janis Ian and soon after Janis found herself recording with Trevor as a pianist, a musical role not usually associated with her. “I’ve been a big fan of Trevor’s work ever since hearing his Hollow album, so meeting him earlier this year was a real treat. I offered to play on his next record but wasn’t sure if he’d take me up on it- fortunately, he did.” recalls Ian. The result is a haunting bold work called “Shadows” released in December, 2016 as a single. It was recorded in one take and is part of Trevor’s upcoming CD, “Calling Nashville”. Trevor tells us, “It was amazing working with Janis. I’d been a fan since the 70’s and always loved her voice but I didn’t realize what an amazing piano player she is”. Ian also appears as a vocalist on several tracks and performs a duet with Trevor. Tracy Nelson of Mother Earth fame also appears on “Calling Nashville” produced by Geoff Wilbourn. Tony Heyes is the Executive Producer. Mia Moravis and Vickie Carrico also appear as a backing vocalists.

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Calling Nashville in the Netherlands:

‘Calling Nashville’, his latest release, hi-liScreen Shot 2019-03-06 at 00.19.41ghts his strength as both aa songwriter and guitarist, crossing genres with ease and assurance that find Sewell ringing the changes from straight, full-on rockfish-blues and R&B through modern Americana with touches and flourishes that will find a welcome in Music City itself. Subtitled, ‘An Americana Adventure,’ the eleven tracks are expertly framed, formed and delivered by a guy clearly on the rise and on the way to true success. Janis Ian guests on a couple of tracks bringing her own quality and talent to the mix.

Sewell seems to be on an absolute winner here, with an album that genuinely works on almost every level and proves just how talented he really can be and, on this evidence, clearly is.

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 Review of Calling Nashville from the U.S

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 00.22.51

REVUE FROM NASHVILLE:’Many fans wonder where the “real” music is nowadays. We’ve had the good fortune to report on much of it within the pages of this humble forum, and artists such as Trevor Sewell are right in the middle of it, giving listeners a varied collection of great songs within “Calling Nashville.” Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.

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Review of Calling Nashville from Wall to Wall Blues in the UK:


Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 00.31.40 Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 00.32.44This modest master of the guitar is clearly held in high regard around the globe. Trevor’s songwriting and guitar playing is at a very high standard, up there with the best, which the names involved in the recording of his new album reflect.

The quality of the sound on ‘Calling Nashville’ is second to none. It was produced and recorded by Geoff Wilbourn, in, well, guess where! Geoff has produced songs by the likes of Johnny Winter and David ‘Honey Boy’ Edwards, and some of the musicians he has worked with were only too pleased to get involved with the album. It is a real coup to not only share duets with blues great Tracy Nelson, on ‘Long Time Ago’, and the wonderful Janis Ian, on a re-working of ‘Fade To Grey’, but they also appear as backing vocalists, along with the multi-talented Mia Moravis, and others.

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Review from The Rocking Magpie



Opening track Someday instantly made me sit back in my swivel chair……it’s the Blues Bub; but with the addition of a fiddle has a sweaty Country feel to it; and I like it a lot.
This is followed by Mountain of Gold; a tender ballad that wouldn’t be out of place at the Bluebird Cafe or one of the more hip venues in East Nashville; as opposed to the Working Men’s Clubs of the North East where Sewell served his apprenticeship.
I’ve said before I truly admire artistes that are prepared to step out of their comfort zone and Trevor does that from start to finish here. Of course his distinctive gravelly voice (think Chris Rea after 40 Benson and Hedges) and his top quality guitar playing make this a Trevor Sewell album; but who among his many fans (old and new) would expect some light night sultry Jazz tinged ballad like the beautiful 7 and 1/2 minute duet with Janis Ian? Me neither; but with Ms. Ian tinkling the ivories, Trevor Brewis’ rock solid drumming and Sean O’Bryan Smith on double bass sounding as if they have just left the Bluenote studio; it’s the perfect late night accompaniment for lovers everywhere.
Older fans will love and newer ones impressed by the fire and brimstone guitar and vocals  on Stand Next To Him and You Ain’t What I’m Looking For, as both are Blues Rockers of the finest order; and with Matter of Time shows Mark Knopfler how it’s done.

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Sewell’s music has not only been recorded recently by several American artists but also featured on numerous major compilations alongside legendary artists such as Robert Johnson, B.B King and Howlin’ Wolf. The years have seen Trevor Sewell continue to go from strength to strength… ‘We have the new album coming out which features some amazing guests in the shape of the wonderful Janis Ian who is herself a multi platinum selling artist and Grammy winner. Also Tracy Nelson from the legendary Mother Earth and produced by American producer Geoff Wilbourn’.


Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 00.40.35‘Fade To Grey’ showcased Janis Ian on piano who joined Trevor on excellent vocals. A lovely track with a light jazz feel. Next, Americana at its best with ‘Matter Of Time’ and some fantastic guitar work on this.

Tracy Nelson joined Trevor on vocals for ‘Long Time Ago’ a slow country blues. Then moving on to an excellent classic blues shuffle with ‘You Ain’t What I’m Looking For’, with superb guitar work again and added brass giving a full on sound.

‘Tear It Down’ is violin led, with more of a country influence , while ‘Stand Next To Him’ is stomp and holler classic Nashville, with violin and banjo, what a great track.

A melodic country ballad with ‘The Way You Are’ has lovely lyrics and great vocals from Trevor. Plenty of variety of vocal input, almost leaning to gospel, on ‘Blanket Of Hope’ with a happy clappy feel with Cajon overtones.

The final track on this exceptional album is the haunting ‘Shadows’. Previously released as a single it is piano led by Janis Ian with Trevor on vocals. A beautiful end to this really well put together album.

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Shine On Hollywood March

Another nice review in Blues matters for the Sheffield City Hall gig.

Review of the Sheffield City Hall gig in Blues Matters by reviewer Ian Ravendale

Review of the Sheffield City Hall gig in Blues Matters by reviewer Ian Ravendale

Major Feature in Blues Matters this month.


Great Feature In Blues In Britain plus Front Cover pic.


Another Cool Feature In Living North


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Really pleased to get a fantastic 3 page full colour spread in Living North Magazine – Very Cool

It’s great to get such a huge feature in a Mainstream Mag.

Blues In The North West – Review by Rosy Greer


Classic Rock Blues - 2 page spread

Classic Rock Blues – 2 page spread



Review coming – thank you for the very nice trophy  American Songwriting Awards.





aimawardsScreen shot 2013-02-16 at 21.47.01

Sky News Piece on American Gigs and Awards including live from Hollywood video.

Sunderland singer-songwriter Trevor Sewell has picked up the title of Best Blues Artist at a prestigious music awards ceremony in America. The Millfield-based musician flew to Los Angeles for the Artists In Music Awards in February 2013.
Artists In Music Official Programme
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Tale Of Two Sunderlands: Wearside Meets Stateside In Blues Music Collaboration – Sky News 

Award-winning Sunderland songwriter Trevor Sewell was thrilled when he discovered his latest project involved working with an artist from the same city.
But despite both living in Sunderland, the musicians are from opposite sides of the Atlantic, as blues artist Wildcat O’Halloran hails from Sunderland, Massachusetts. The pair have never met, but were introduced on Les Young’s radio show, Wall to Wall Blues, where they were both featured artists.

It was there that Wildcat heard Trevor’s track Hate Me for a Reason and approached him about recording his own version of the song.

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Trevor Sewell And The New Wave OfBritish Blues Continue To Gain Ground In The U.S

In the last 15 months Trevor has received a total of 8 nominations in Hollywood and a nomination in the British Blues Awards in his native UK. It seems only a matter of time before The Trevor Sewell Band play Los Angeles and this could be as early as February. Sewell is rapidly gaining support in the area and his debut in Los Angeles may well be timed to coincide with the Artists In Music Awards where he is listed in the final list of 5 nominees in the Best Blues Artist Category.

Ian Bush – Bush Telegraph

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Sunderland’s Blues twin in the USA – SKY NEWS
TWO Sunderlands, three thousand miles apart, one shared love of the Blues. 

An American Blues singer, from Sunderland, Massachusetts, USA, is recording a


Another one from Europe


Even vermelden dat deze Trevor Sewell op vijf jaar tijd vijf albums uitbracht en zes ‘tours’ doorheen de US heeft beleefd. Om nog enkele cijfers te geven ontving hij liefst 17 internationale awards en dit nadat hij ook jaren als sessie muzikant heeft gewerkt. Zijn album ‘Calling Your Name’ haalde destijds de nr. 1 in de American Blues Charts.

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Titled Calling Nashville, the album, which was produced by Geoff Wilbourn, also features Trevor performing duets with guest artists including Janis Ian who’s received nine Grammy nominations, and hit the coveted Billboard number 1 slot with her album Between the Lines in 1975, as well as Tracy Nelson, singer with the band Mother Earth. Trevor said: “It was a truly amazing experience working with the Nashville musicians. They are all really top drawer. I’ve been a big fan of both Janis and Tracy since the 70’s and Geoff Wilbourn, who has worked with the likes of Johnny Winter, David Honeyboy Edwards and Robben Ford, really pulled the whole thing together.”

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Trevor Sewell: UK Calling Music City – interview from GREECE 


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Als Songwriter und Gitarrist hat es Trevor Sewell in den letzten Jahren geschafft, in den USA noch populärer zu werden als in seiner britischen Heimat. Und mit seinem neuesten Album “Calling Nashville” hat er eine musikalische Reise quer durch die amerikanische Musik zwischen Rock, Blues und Country bis hin zum Gospel unternommen. Zu Gast im Studio waren dabei unter anderem Janis Ian (voc, p) und Tracy Nelson.


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TREVOR SEWELL/Calling Nashville: A blues rocking white boy with the blues meets Americana head on and puts out a call to some vet folkies to add the organic flavorings. Having paid his dues gladly, he shows the lessons he learned along the way are being put to good use as hitting the heights and having his efforts rise to the top come across as a natch. Hard hitting stuff that holds your attention too hard for it to wander, this is a great throwback to when albums were given some thought before they were released and took you from A to B with stops at great diversions along the way. The right stuff throughout.





‘Calling Nashville,’ his latest release, hi-lights his strength as both a songwriter and guitarist, crossing genres with ease and assurance that find Sewell ringing the changes from straight, full-on rockfish-blues and R&B through modern Americana with touches and flourishes that will find a welcome in Music City itself. Subtitled, ‘An Americana Adventure,’ the eleven tracks are expertly framed, formed and delivered by a guy clearly on the rise and on the way to true success. Janis Ian guests on a couple of tracks bringing her own quality and talent to the mix.

Sewell seems to be on an absolute winner here, with an album that genuinely works on almost every level and proves just how talented he really can be and, on this evidence, clearly is.

Ian Patience

Read the whole revue here
Calling Nashville

I first encountered Trevor Sewell last year when he punted out a Christmas single with Janis Ian. That was ‘Shadows’ and it was a very enjoyable piece of piano driven balladry.

Well he’s back with a full album, the latest in many for the Brit who made the move to America many moons ago and has successfully forged a career over there. This latest record is subtitled “An Americana Adventure” and that should be all the information you need really as he works his way through an enjoyable set of largely melodic country tinged roots rockers.

He doesn’t completely abandon the blues sound that has served him well over the last few years, as the opening ‘Someday’ attests and his songwriting is exemplary throughout. Janis Ian is back to duet on ‘Fade To Grey’ as is Tracy Nelson of Mother Earth who also appeared on an earlier album. But this is about Mr Sewell and he ably demonstrates on songs like ‘Mountain Of Gold’, ‘Tear It Down’ and ”The Way You Are’ just why he’s managed to carve out a place for himself over there in the colonies. An excellent release that comes highly recommended.



cover version of a track by a Mackem musician. Wildcat O’Halloran heard Hate Me For a Reason on a Blues radio show and tracked down its creator Trevor Sewell via Facebook. He even asked Trevor, who lives in Millfield, to guest appear on the track. The song, which is about intolerance, has been making waves on both sides of the pond after receiving a recent nomination in the British Blues Awards, as well as Trevor winning Best Blues Artist award in this year’s Artists in Music Awards in Hollywood.

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Meet Sunderland’s world-class blues man

A MACKEM musician has been celebrated for flying the flag for British blues in the States. Trevor Sewell made the trip from his home in Millfield to Hollywood, to pick up the Best Blues Artist award in the prestigious Artists in Music Awards. The singer and guitarist is no stranger to awards – this was his eighth nomination across the pond.

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Album Review from
Calling Your Name Album Review

and another one from Metal Zone!

8 out of 10 – Calling Your Name (in a metal mag) blimey!

The British Blues Awards

Trevor Sewell, already has a Hollywood Music and Media Award under his belt, and now he is hoping for a gong on home turf. He has been shortlisted in the British Blues Awards, which take place on September 9 at the Newark Blues Festival, in Nottinghamshire. Trevor is nominated in the category of Best Original Song for Hate Me for a Reason and he is in good company, with international artists such as Walter Trout and Joe Bonnamasa also receiving nominations.

The songwriter said: “Winning in Hollywood last year was fantastic, but this is the one that I would really like to do well in as it is in this country and it may hopefully help open some doors over here for me and my band.”

Katy Wheeler – The Sunderland Echo

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Surf Spies And Film Noir Trevor Sewell Releases New Instrumental Album Music Supervisors Take Note!

Trevor Sewell may be better known for his Blues Rock based material but this new instrumental album has been coming for a long time and it shows a completely different side to the British Guitarist.

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Hollywood Music In Media winner Launches New App.

Trevor Sewell is the triple nominated British Guitarist who recently won the ‘Best Blues Award’ in the prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Awards held in November at the Kodak Complex in Los Angeles. He continues to make real progress since his recent triumph and to celebrate this he has launched a new ‘Trevor Sewell’ App which is currently available only on the Android Platform’ but promises to be available for Apple devices later in the year.

Bmans Blues Report – United States

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Trevor’s Stateside Success

A MACKEM music-maker has been hitting the high notes in Hollywood. Millfield-based Trevor Sewell has been given the Best Blues Award at the prestigious Hollywood Music Awards, held at the home of the Oscars, the Kodak complex in Los Angeles. Other nominated acts in the red carpet ceremony included Linkin Park with the lifetime Achievement Award going to Smokey Robinson.

Trevor, who initially received three separate nominations, won for his song Where the Wild Ones Go.

Sunderland Echo Supplement

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Trevor Sewell And The New Wave Of British Blues Return To Hollywood.

Trevor Sewell is a British Blues Rock Artist who has recently made impressive in roads in the U.S. His album ‘Calling Your Name’ recently spent seven weeks at number one on the American Blues Scene Chart.

Louis Rosental – Online PR

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Trevor Sewell – AIM Awards Los Angeles

British Guitarist Trevor Sewell Nominated in the All Indie Music Awards in Los Angeles.
Trevor Sewell is a British Guitarist/Vocalist and Hollywood (HMMA) Award Winning Artist who has been widely associated with the current ‘New Wave of British Blues’ in the United States.
Online PR News

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Tyneside-born guitarist up for three music awards in Hollywood

Tyneside-born guitarist Trevor Sewell has received triple nominations at a major Hollywood awards ceremony and is jetting out to LA this month with the hope of winning.

The prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Awards will be held at the Kodak complex on November 17.

Gordon Barr – Newcastle Evening Chronicle

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Calling Your Name Album Review.

Trevor has been hugely successful with this release, reaching no 1 on the American Blues Scene Chart, but not only doing that, staying there for seven weeks in a row. Very impressive stuff. The Future is looking very bright for Trevor and he is arranging a string of UK tour dates for around late august / September time…not sure of the actual dates yet, but will keep you updated on the site. If your a fan of the blues, or even a rock fan with blues tendencies like me I strongly suggest that you buy this album and place this work of superb song writing and performing excellence where it belongs , permanently embedded in your cd drive.

Rick Palin – Firebrand Media

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Trevor Sewell Band touring in 2013 after success in British Blues Awards

Online PR News – 26-September-2012 –The Trevor Sewell Band finally hit the road in June 2012 kicking off their Summer dates with an appearance at the highly acclaimed Maryport Blues Festival.

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Shadows new single featuring Janis Ian on Piano



Great to see CALLING NASHVILLE move up 7 places in the RADIO CAROLINE CHART this week.



Lyrics video for SHADOWS the first single: CALLING NASHVILLE feat: Janis Ian (Piano).

FADE TO GREY the new single from Trevor Sewell and Janis Ian from CALLING NASHVILLE – click to see the lyrics video – available from iTunes Amazon and most other places.

“The Award-Winning song Hollow mirrors the penetrating, positive and healing spirit that is Trevor Sewell. Trevor’s music is a great example of the artistic renaissance pervading the music licensing industry.” – Gary Gray, Producer & Founder of the International Music Licensing Contest


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 00.48.47THE Official IBBA ALBUM CHARTS THIS WEEK

A little bit of blurb: Trevor Sewell New Album – HOLLOW

HOLLOW is the new album from Trevor Sewell it features 10 new Sewell songs and a host of great English and American guests who include a Grammy Nominee, an Emmy Nominated Producer and Billboard Songwriting Award winner, a duet with brilliant American artist Brooke Nickerson and Paul Barrere from legendary band LITTLE FEAT. Recording took place on both sides of the Atlantic and UK launch party is scheduled for 13th November with the American Launch to be held in Los Angeles on Feb 12th. 2016 during Grammys week.

What others are saying about it so far:

  • ‘its only been out a week but Trevor Sewell’s album Hollow is already being called an album of the year’. – Jeremy Rees – Radio Cardiff
  • “Hollow is one of the freshest and most original songs I’ve heard in 2015″ – The Blues and Soul Show.
  • ‘A spectacular classic that would stand out in any list in the world.’ – The Blues Man in the Hat.
  • I consider Hollow to be an important evolutionary “marker” and I think it will prove an influential track as time goes on – Jason Elliott.
  • ‘One of my favorite albums I’ve received since I’ve owned MDORadio and MDORadioBlues.’ – She D’ambrosio
  • ‘it’s certainly one of the best new releases I’ve heard this year’ – NE:MM
  • ‘Trevor Sewell goes from strength to strength with his writing and exceptional performances. He has a fantastic voice and as a multi instrumentalist and producer, he has made this album something special.’ – Lancashire Blues Archive.


Really happy to say I was named runner up in this years British Blues Awards this year for The Kevin Thorpe Songwriter Award for the second time.


BLUES MATTERS THIS MONTH – Great 4 page feature = me well chuffed.



The In Show Los Angeles Click To Find Out More

The In Show Los Angeles Click The Graphic To Find Out More!


My thanks go to everyone who voted for me in The British Blues Awards – Support for  the INDEPENDENCE  album has constantly amazed me – thanks again Trev –

See The British Blues Award Nominations here!

Independence album is close to selling out again.

All back orders for INDEPENDENCE have now been dispatched

Independence T Shirts  –  SOLD OUT!

STOP PRESS: Tracks from INDEPENDENCE to be featured alongside B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, Champion Jack Dupree and more! 


Thanks Radio Caroline – I’m really happy to be in such great company with Sheryl Crow and David Crosby

thanks Radio Caroline

April 2014


– If you’re visiting my site re: Producer category in the AIMAs in Hollywood please click here to visit my Producer page

Thanks Purple Haze for including me in the unsung Heroes Chart and Playlist

Thanks Purple Haze for including me in the unsung Heroes Chart and Playlist

What the UK Independent Blues Broadcasters have been playing on their radio shows! throughout the whole of 2014 – thanks IBBA

Really happy to be in the Top Twenty in this very prestigious Chart

American Songwriters Awards Las Vegas

STOP PRESS:Great news from America The Train made it to the final nominees list in the American Songwriting Awards in Las Vegas – can’t make it out there this time around but great to be asked.

Thanks BLUES MATTERS for having us in your Chart!

and Thank You CLASSIC ROCK BLUES for the full colour spread.

Classic Rock Blues - Full Colour spread

Classic Rock Blues – Full Colour spread

Had a brilliant time in America in Novembergreat company, great gigs, great sessions, great awards show and great result – did I mention it was great – well it was! 🙂

Los Angeles November 2013

Los Angeles November 2013

APRIL in America was fantastic – loved recording at Capitol Records and playing at the Whisky a GoGo and it was of course brilliant to pick up the ‘BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE AWARD’ for ‘THE TRAIN‘ at the Indie Music Channel awardspics and vids to follow 🙂

Great to play at Stormin this year - brilliant

Great to play at Stormin this year – brilliant


The Point Sunderland UK

The Point Sunderland UK





You should have seen the one that got away!

Big thanks to all at HMV who made our gig such a pleasant experience – hope to be back in October for the new album launch and thanks to Gordon for filming the video (see videos page) Sally, Rich and Andy and all at HMV Newcastle for setting the whole thing up and making sure it all went so smoothly – you guys rock!


The Train will be released due to popular demand on 6th July we should be announcing a very special venue for the launch very soon – watch this space…

Looking Forward to coming to play my first Headlining Gig in Austria In September at the Multicultural Festival in Linz

Just confirmed the Linz date should be great as I’ve never been to Austria before be great to meet up with Alex at W.A.R records. This year seems to be getting very busy = me happy.

Thank You Hollywood!

Had a brilliant time in L.A more details to follow – gigs went great and I got to win the Best Blues Artist category in the Artists In Music Awards – happy days!

America you were great! 

It was great seeing our friends and meeting some new ones in Hollywood in February for the Artists In Music Awards and winning the ‘Best Blues Artist’ Award was a seriously big plus – fantastic event and we are still buzzing from it. Loved playing in America and will hopefully be back in Los Angeles later in the year.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 19.32.55

Hottest New Artist.

Really pleased to have made it into the top ten (number 8 in fact) in the forthcoming ‘Hottest New Artist’ book in America – I’ll put some more details up when I know more 🙂

Pleased to be working with the Barry Tomes Media Group in the UK, writing songs for one of their forthcoming artists, This is an exciting opportunity and I’m very much enjoying working on the project.
Barry Tomes Media Group



Great to be co hosting on Jeff Hymans Radio Programme in LA

Very much enjoyed co-hosting Jeff Hymans programme – it was great to be able to choose and talk about some of my favourite Indie artists

Royal Television Society Award for Let Me In

Great news  from the Royal Television Society Awards My friends Barry Tomes of TomesPR USA and Monica Price won the award for Let Me In a film about Autism with…

Hollywood Music In Media Awards

Great stuff The HMMAs six years in a row I’ve won it twice in the past but I’m very happy just to get the nomination especially as it features the…

Trevor Sewell and Janis Ian hit I-Heart Radio Chart

Great news Fade To Grey by Trevor Sewell and  Janis Ian straight in at Number 29 – got to be happy with that. Playing out now over N.America and Canada.

Calling Nashville on Radio Caroline Chart

Great stuff – always happy  to be on one of the charts I grew up listening to 🙂