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March 03, 2011


Devil Went Down To Georgia – Live in London

  • Devil Went Down To Georgia (Live)

Just imagine that Jimi Hendrix has just joined Charlie Daniels and you won't be too far off the mark and the Devil sounds like he really means it this time!


Recorded live in the U.K. and currently only available as an American import from various sites in the U.S.A i.e iTunes and Amazon (United States). Fortunately it's still just as easy to buy and download it - just click any of the orange buttons - go on you know you want to :)

Even better than Charlie!!!
Oh yehhhhhhh this kicks ass big style!!!! Cool guitar dude

Rockman America

Best version ever!
I've been a fan for a long time now and I love this song and this is without doubt the best version I have ever heard. The live show was fantastic and I hope there will more be more live releases from the same gig.