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November 11, 2012


Surf, Spies And Film Noir

  • Mission Improbable
  • The Man Who Knew
  • Bridge Of Spies
  • The Big Sleep
  • Follow That Surfboard
  • The Life And Times Of Jessica Rabbit
  • Eat My Surfboard
  • Endgames [The Eleventh Hour]
  • Smoking Gunn [Cowboy Theme]
  • On The Tiles

Note from Trev: Please note this is not my blues stuff it is a purely instrumental album that I had been meaning to record for some time and finally got around to doing. It's a tribute to some of the great instrumental artists such as Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Safaris and of course Duane Eddy not forgetting the Film Noir genre itself.

An instrumental tribute to Film Noir and the darker side of Surf from Award winning British Guitarist Trevor Sewell.

If Humphrey Bogart could have played the electric guitar this is the album he would have made - here's looking at you kid!

Ian Bush *****
[Bush Telegraph] five stars