Well after all the excitement of last week regarding the Awards in Hollywood I was expecting a quiet week but there has actually been loads of other things happening which I’ll probably blog about in a later post. I’m new to this blogging bit and to be honest I just thought well I’ve got one so I may as well have a go at it.
First up, I’m really pleased with the new site and the graphics company that have made it have been absolutely brilliant to work with. They are called Echo Graphics and are based in Consett. Thanks to John Woods for a great job. I’m going to really make an effort to keep my giglist up to date to save everyone having to remind me all the time. Could this be the new organised Trev? – well let’s not get carried away but at least I am making an effort 🙂

On the subject of the HMMAs my thanks go to Brooke Henderson CEO at Tomes PR California for walking the red carpet and representing me at the Awards Ceremony and I was very impressed by the credentials of the chap who beat me – He is called Steve Postell and he has avery impressive array of world class session players in his band including Robben Ford on Guitar and members of Tom Petty and Jackson Browns Band to name but a few. Anyway if I can get there two in a row there’s no reason why I can’t make it three next year. I’ll just have to up my game and see if I can do better next year 🙂

Well thats me first Blog done and Celebrity in Jungle’s on Telly so I’m off